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Just drag, drop, and you're done. So easy a drummer could do it.

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No monthly fees, and you get paid instantly - no waiting.

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We bring new fans to your music through our direct-to-fan store.

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Lovingly hand-crafted landing pages for your music.

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Upload to the cloud

Don't get lost in the noise on iTunes or washed away by big label sounds. Our focus is on independent music from unique, interesting artists like you. We know how independent music works, and we give you the tools to create your own success. Start selling your music!

Deep insights

Sell your music on Kicktone and get up-to-the-second analytics about who's listening and what they're listening to. See which of your tracks are the most popular, and learn about the people who love your music.

Unlimited everything

Upload and sell as much music as you want - we give you unlimited storage, unlimited downloads, unlimited sales, and unlimited fans.

Instant payment

You get paid the instant someone buys your album - no waiting until the end of the month or longer. Payments go straight from the buyer into your PayPal account.

Super simple

Just upload your album, set a minimum price (even $0), and we'll handle the boring stuff like payment processing and distribution so you can focus on making awesome music.

Clean and beautiful

We've lovingly hand-crafted clean and beautiful landing pages for your music to encourage your fans to stream, share and purchase.

Everyone's a pro

Why pay extra just to upload multiple tracks at the same time, or see deeper insights? Every artist on Kicktone gets access to every single feature - no artificial limits, no hidden fees.

Audiophile heaven

Your fans want the best, so we automatically convert your music into half a dozen high quality formats like FLAC and Apple Lossless, and good old favourites like MP3.


“I have to say I'm impressed. Your interface, simplicity, and mottoes are those I appreciate. I really like your business model, and I honestly will campaign for this site to other artists I know, and meet. Your music ethics really are on point with mine, and I'm glad to know there's like-minded people out there.”.


The Jesus Clause


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